Welcome to the New Timbre Design Website!

Well, now you’ve really done it!

No, just kidding.. But really, welcome and thank you for coming on over!

I have been plotting this site for some time now and am happy to have it up and running.

A lot has happened in the last few months, this year in fact, has been full of changes. New country, new house, new cat and dog, a new life really..My gratefulness for these new experiences is overflowing and my creativity has also been abounding in this amazing land.

Where to start.. I’ve created a few new sites lately, been having fun designing logos and branding, as well as a few clothing designs. And there is a lot more coming down the line where that came from. My understanding of web development has grown leaps and bounds in this time, as have my graphic design abilities and creative influences.

All in all, a wonderful fresh start with possibilities abounding, I hope that I can spur you with some new possibilities as well.

Feel free to drop me a line at Contact@Timbre-Design.com