Timbre Design


/’tåmbər/ n.

The unique qualities or character of a musical sound or instrument; its “resonant voice.”

Timbre Design:

/’tåmbər/ /dəˈzīn/ n.

A design process, in which the unique qualities, its “resonant voice” are paramount.

The Digital Landscape is Changing Exceedingly Fast

Strong Designs are More Important Than Ever in This Digital Era.

Keeping an open mind to the possibilities of what can be accomplished with graphics, media and the web is necessary to reach your full marketing potential.

In the same stroke it is equally important to keep a balance..
Some things are tried and true. No matter how cutting edge or flashy a design might be, it may not serve your best interests. Simplicity with style stands the test of time when it comes to branding.

We Provide Brand Consistency With An Edge.

Deliver a Bold, Rich Storyline to Excite Your Market!

Graphic Design

“Brand Loyalty” How many times have you heard that?

It is the single most important part of marketing, bar none.

You can have the best marketing team working for you..

But if your brand is not consistent, studies show time and again you are losing the battle.


Because finding a market for your products is great!

But if your customers do not connect with the overall brand you lose brand loyalty completely.

Find them and keep them!

Website Design

Web design is in constant flux.

With so many platforms..

Navigating this ever-changing landscape can be difficult.

Cutting edge design, animations, embedded video, scrolling & pop-up features have redefined the user experience.

Having a responsive website is now more important than ever.

Mobile and tablets make up almost 50% of users these days.

Take the lucrative leap into the future of web design.

Tell your brand’s story and captivate your market!

Media Design

Don’t confuse your customers!

Give them a reason to love your services and products!

Clean, clear layouts & content gives viewers all the more reason to buy.

Let them know what you offer & lessen the amount of turnover & confusion.

Providing customers with too many options has proven to reduce sales.

This is due to the “Paradox of Choice” phenomenon.

Color is also an important element in decision making.

Efficient categorizing and contextual parameters assist in choice.