About Timbre Design

Timbre Design is an ever-expanding creation. Long time technocrats at heart hurled headlong into the digital world. Long long ago the journey began, delving deep into the 1s and 0s.. Back in the days of Dial-up Bulletin Boards (BBSs), before the Internet and online forums were created.

Today we focus on cutting edge graphics & push the boundaries of dynamic web design.

Having experienced the progression of technology in the last few decades has brought a refined understanding. We specialize in developing that which catches not only the eye but the mind and heart. That which is not necessarily flashy, but that which surpasses trendy pop-culture, to stand the true test, the test of time.

Timbre Design is indeed built upon the back of a not particularly tall man.

He is one who has cultivated the skill and perspective to look over the figurative shoulders of the masses. Envisioning what has the fortitude to stand up against the ever crashing waves of pop culture is not a particularly easy task. This is our calling in life, and I’m sure you’ll agree when you see what we have to offer.

We breathe new life where there once was but stale air..